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The biggest buzz around the business to business marketing is all about the attribution models




November 9, 2017

What and Why marketers use in order to generate a higher return on investment or to credit it.
What models are out there? and How do you analyze your business performance or ABF (Allocated Business Funds)?
1️. There are different Attribution models that consist of similar attributes of marketing data, Single-Touch or Multi-Touch? Acquisition, Engagement, Conversions and Revenue. It is important to remark each level of the attributes in different models and their performance.
2️. What leads to prospects faster? 1. Single-Touch Model; Email marketing, SEO, SEM(Paid Search), SMM (Social Media Marketing) or 2. Multi-Touch; Outbound Calling, Conferences&trade shows? It is important to analyze each of the attributes during every stage of the Customer Journey Process.
3. Some say the single-touch model is the new way to go to credit your ROI. Do you agree?


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