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how important it is for SEO purposes to have external links pointing at your website




November 9, 2017

Three ways that will make it easier for you.
1️. Internal Links: A great way to promote user-experience on your site, is by navigating visitors or giving them directions to certain articles or content within your website. For example, you can create a link from your website's sub-page to your blog page within your website where users will find more helpful relevant content in details if the terms used are industry related of course.
2️. Blog Posting: Agh it's all about the blogs, bloggers/vloggers. Do you blog at all? If not, that's the case where you should start! Reading interesting articles by other people and sharing their information can be very convenient. If you as a reader, going over an article where you feel that there is isn't enough or sufficient information to that topic, this is a great chance to share a link to one of your articles on your website ( If it is industry or content related). This is a great way of increasing awareness and traffic to your page.
3️. Reviews/Testimonials: Ever bought a product or service from someone and wrote a review or a thank you post on your website referring to that "someone" If not, give it a try. Many companies like to include a testimonial page to show off the quality of their product or service by showing their customers reviews. Try to reach out to one of those companies by introducing your self and including a link to where you left off your review on your website. These companies will be more than happy to show off your review with a link to your website attached. Easy, efficient, and you just deserved an external link! Enjoy SEO as much as you can!


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