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Here are some interesting bitfacts for today!




November 9, 2017

1️. Every morning you wake up, ask your self one questions. "What is the one thing I committed to complete today?" This questions, sets your your mindset and trains your brain to focus only on the priority things to do, instead of just wasting your energy around. (Try it, it works)

2️. Ever wanted to become a self teacher? Teach your self what you learn! The key to remembering stuff is repetition and focused attention. Try to get audience, (or if you don't have one, talk to the mirror) and try to teach people or your self what you just learned. This creates a map in your brain that will memorize those specific things much faster.

3️. Our human mind is not binary! Our state of mind is dependant on a variety of inputs that can lead us to feeling negative. Understanding how to adjust those inputs will prevent them all together.


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